3D-Constructor 7.0

3D-Constructor 7.5

3-D Constructor 7.0 (3-D Constructor 6.5) is a lisp based Software. Support Autocad up to ver. 2015 and BricsCad V15.


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Features of product:

  • Parametric designing of furniture 3D MODEL
  • Parametric processing of objects
  • Generating drawings and documents according to 3D model
  • Generating calculations of materials and technological operations
  • Generating programs for CNC machines
  • Generating the cuting list
  • Creating of client interior
  • Placement cabinets in the interior
  • Photo realistic visualization


Comprehensive modeling

  • You can use a “Constructional drawing” tool to edit or create any board shape, to create parametrical profile path or bent sheet path, to include AutoCAD primitives.
  • The special commands allow you to complete different types of joint. It is possible to cut object with board or profile or bent sheet. There are no limitations for object placement concerning each other.
  • The door‑assembly get you possibility to create the door from different materials and get the full set of working drawings 
  • Generating working drawings
  • Full set of working drawings will be automatically generated according to 3D‑model. You can create some drawings for one object which will include different information (board shape, edging, fastener and fitting holes). All dimensions in the drawings are associative. If you change 3D‑model, the drawing will be updated by one mouse click. 


Assembly drawings

It is easy to generate preset orthogonal and isometric assembly views, to generate some exploded views. Visibility of objects may be determined separately for every view.


Cutting list and Manufacturing Reports

You will get cutting list and manufacturing reports in one mouse click. It is possible to determine the report patterns according to your needs. The calculation of the real cost includes:

  • cost of materials and standard object (including material overspending);
  • cost of technological operation (cutting, drilling, edge banding, processing and other);
  • your profit


CNC output

System is using Enroute 5.0 to make Nesting patterns.



Create a room, insert doors and windows, place furniture and lights and get photo realistic rendering in the 3D‑Constructor.


We supply standard library of 400 cabinets.


Has standard textures of:

  • Cesastone
  • Formica
  • Durapal
  • Laminex
  • CustomWood



Include hardware of:

  • Grass
  • Hafele
  • Hettich
  • Blum
  • Samet
  • Galvins
  • Garis
  • KAV


Sharing project with you customers ONLINE

Using 3D-Constructor files you can easy share your project with your customer through your WEB Site. Your customer can browse project, turn, move, hide selected parts to see how cabinet designed inside.