Enroute 6

Enroute 6.

Enroute  is a powerful nesting software and is used to connect 3D-constructor to CNC machine. 




What is CAD CAM?

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Refers to CAD tools that allow the creation of parts that need to be cut on a CNC machine.  EnRoute gives you all of the tools needed to draw any kinds of parts from scratch, and it gives you great tools for getting files from other programs and preparing them to be cut on a CNC machine.  EnRoute’s CAD tools include shape drawing (rectangle, circle, line, polyline, etc.), distortion tools, editing tools, trimming, point edit, snap tools and much more.  And EnRoute also includes a number of unique design tools such as Parametric Design wizards for flanges and lifts, Boxster for making base cabinets, an interlocking component creator for shelfs and displays, advanced text creation including a Braille translator, mesh slicing to 2D shapes, vectorizing for converting bitmaps to contours and much more.  

Computer Aided Machining (CAM)

CAM refers to the creation to toolpaths that account for the cut width of any given tool at any given depth.  A CAM program will offset from the part as needed based on the tool size and profile to ensure that the proper size part is cut and that only the desired material is removed.  EnRoute gives you a powerful CAM engine that offers a high level of control of your toolpaths in an easy to apply process.  And EnRoute can handle advanced CAM functions like tool compensation, AutoToolpath of layered DXF files, rotary cutting, drill bank (gang drill) support, basic horizontal cutting for aggregate heads and true shape nesting with toolpaths applied.  EnRoute’s toolpath/CAM engine is the foundation of everything EnRoute does.

Auto Toolpath Software (ATP)

EnRoute Auto Toolpath Software (ATP) is the CAM connection of choice for many of today’s leading Cutting Cabinets and Kitchen Design software solutions. After the initial setup, EnRoute ATP's ease-of-use, nesting performance and economical price will process files in a few clicks of a mouse.

ATP is an OPTION that can be added to any level of EnRoute. The ATP option supports the process of generating CNC output for a lot of parts with a few clicks of a mouse, and specifically without having to manually output each file. Automatic toolpath software works with various Cutting Cabinets and Kitchen Design Manufacturers and other third party CAD Solutions. These software products create a separate layered DXF file for each part to be processed and a cut list. These files contain information about each of the parts. In the EnRoute ATP dialog, saved strategies are applied to each layer of a given DXF part. Each DXF part is then grouped together, nested with other parts that get cut out of the same material and output files are created for as many sheets of material needed to complete the job. The information for any given job set is saved and can be easily recalled.

  • Layer Printouts – Printouts will show you where each part is on any given sheet of material. Parts are identified by their file name.
  • Label Option – Labels will allow information from the Cut List to be put on a label, which can be printed and placed on the parts after cutting. Bar codes and bitmaps can be included.
  • Cut Lists – The Cut List includes information about each of the DXF files in a given job. They are CSV or XML format. A Cut List is typically provided by the program that is generating the DXF files. EnRoute includes a utility for creating a CSV (comma separated value) Cut List with basic information if a cut list is not available. Cut Lists are not required for our automatic toolpath software (ATP), but they are required for Layered DXF files. 
  • Nesting – EnRoute’s ATP includes use of all EnRoute’s nesting engines including Block Nesting and True Shape Nesting. Control over rotation angle, plate location, nest resolution plus gap and margin's provide a lot of control over the nesting result and increased material yield.  
  • Advanced Toolpath Support – Drill Banks including Horizontal Drills, Advanced Drilling Options, 3D Engrave Clean Passes and Tool Compensation are all supported with EnRoute's ATP. Plus EnRoute supports just about every CNC machine. 
  • Single Part Processing – For applications that require horizontal cutting or utilize pre-cut parts, EnRoute’s Single Part Processing will output a separate file for each part processed and places the corner of the part at the origin. 
  • DXF files – Any program that can create layered DXF files can be used to create files for EnRoute’s ATP. Each part can be a separate DXF file or all parts can go in a single DXF file provided that each “part” that needs to stay together is grouped. 
  • Process Active – Allows you to process files that are active on the ATP screen. A real time saver for applications where you want to avoid outputting multiple layers after true shape nesting.

Enroute 5.0 is used as nesting software for 3-D Constructor files and information of a label much order number, cabinet number and part number

There is no need for paperwork for placement of sticker on parts. 

Each sticker has a small picture of pattern and current part is highlighted.